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Fry Daddy 

Good Brothers Dojo trainer 

Height: 5”7

Weight: 205

Hometown: Fredericksburg, Va

Titles held:

NWA Atlanta Heavyweight Championship 

NWA Atlanta tag team Championship 

NWA Atlanta Junior Heavyweight Championship 

AWN Heritage Championship

AWN Tag Team Championship 

Peachstate No Limits Championship 

Wrestlemerica Heavyweight Championship 

Face 2 Face Heavyweight Championship 


The King Of The VIP has made a name for myself throughout the whole south and now I’m here in Lariato not only to be the face of the Lariato but to sit on the high throne. Because I am the ciroc Sippin, 3 stack tippin, more laid-back then Scottie Pippen, your girl looks at me then looks at you and says I must’ve been Trippin, and you’re looking at the next Lariato champion 


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