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“The Grand Design”

Clyde Braddock

Hometown: Gray, GA
Height: 5’11”

Clyde Braddock Is the embodiment of the term wrestler. His amateur background is impressive to say the least. Being trained by Olympic medalist Nate Carr Sr. during his high school career, Braddock’s determination and work ethic helped him rise from being the average, dumpy kid to being undefeated for two years straight. His mental and physical toughness, sheer strength, & aggressive demeanor have given him the ability to strike fear in anyone who stands across from him in the squared circle thus giving him the title of the Grand Design. 


Nate Carr Sr.
Bill DeMott
Micah Taylor
Tracy Taylor 

Wrestled for: Global Championship Wrestling; Rampage Pro Wrestling; New Energy Pro Wrestling; Ring Warriors; The Underground

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